Who are we?

As a business we wholly and totally concentrate on recruitment for the Workday® ecosystem, which means we know our area inside and out. Our knowledge of the Workday® system is what separates us from the rest and drives us forward.

We’re obsessed with solutions and whether our clients are in Europe or further afield, we work to find the answers to their challenges, no matter what. We are never afraid to roll up our sleeves and find the solution for our customers. We are a proactive and determined. We believe in hard work and live by a 24/7 mentality. We are always available for clients, for our candidates and for each other. Relationships always come before business jargon and we lead with our humanity.

We will reduce the time and effort you spend on implementing your Workday® solution by giving you access to the greatest pool of available Workday® talent.

Our Team

Charity and Sponsorship

Furngate FC

Focus Cloud is excited and proud to be the new sponsors of the Furngate U15 team who play within the Under 15 Division Three in the Mid Sussex Youth & Minor League. The team from Crawley have been kitted out by Focus Cloud as they form part of an ever-growing club having had a few successful years with many of their teams winning their leagues and various cup games.

Sussex FootGolf

The World Cup takes place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from January 5-10, 2016 with teams from 30 countries competing and will be televised worldwide.

Updates from the FootGolf World Cup 2016 will be broadcast on the STRSkillSchool YouTube channel.

Core Values


We live by a 24/7 methodology, which means we’re constantly looking for better solutions, always offering a higher standard and forever pushing ourselves to be better. We’re switched on 24 hours, 7 days a week.


It doesn’t matter what the task is or how challenging the issue, we always find a solution. In fact, we’re incredibly proud of our ability to get the job done where no one else can.


We’re more human than business jargon and big words. We treat everyone equally and always think about the stories and people behind the challenges.


It’s not just a word but a way of being. We always act ethically and truthfully. We’re open and transparent. We maintain the highest code of conduct and we try to always do the right thing for our clients.


Our dedication to developing our own understanding of the market, our clients, our candidates and each other. This knowledge is what separates us from the rest and ensures we know what solution you require.