Focus Cloud - 24/7 Episode #4 - Life After Live

If you have questions about your project post go-live, get in touch! We can put you in contact with some of the best Workday talent that will help you solve your problems, and answer your questions.

Focus Cloud are hosting a new webinar series; "Focus 24/7". Every other week we'll be joined by guest speakers where we'll discuss the ins-and-outs of Workday®.

Below are the details for our next webinar which will take place on Thursday 18th June at 4pm (BST) - I hope you can join this session:

"Life after Live" - what Workday® customers should be thinking about after going live

Joining me to discuss topics including post project support, planning and upgrades will be Andre Bajaria.

Andre has been part of the Workday® ecosystem for a total of six years, during which he has worked on both partner, and the end-user side. He has worked on seven Workday® projects in this time. Before joining the Workday® ecosystem, Andre worked in consulting for a number of years.

Always keen on learning more about Workday®, Andre now has Workday® Pro certifications in HCM Core, Advanced Compensation, Learning, and Performance & Talent, so he'll be bringing great insights to this session.

There will be plenty of opportunity for Q&A during the session and once you register you’ll also be able to submit your questions in advance. 


The webinar series has been hugely successful so far - join us on Thursday 18th June at 4pm (BST) for what promises to be another excellent session. You won't be disappointed!

Focus 24/7 Episode #4 - Life After Live - Andre Bajaria

April 8, 2021

Focus 24/7 Episode #12 - Workday Transformations - What, Why and When | Featuring Jim Flowers

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Focus Cloud - 24/7 Episode #11

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April 8, 2021

Focus Cloud - 24/7 Episode #10

Joel Kirkland MBIoR is taking the reins for Focus 24/7 this podcast, talking all things Workday with a very special guest. Andrew Robertson, Technologist at Alfa Financial Software, talks us through the changes and challenges for internal roles during an implementation. Alfa, Workday went from a finance and HR tool to a company-wide platform.

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