For our Candidates

When looking at a new Contract role it can be a daunting task, especially in the competitive Workday® ecosystem there are often many options. Due to the way we specialise and dedicate ourselves to the Workday® ecosystem we have become synonymous with the attraction and placement of the best candidates on the market. We know our clients inside out. Focus Cloud will work on what is important to you and make sure the next hire is one that meets all your criteria.

This approach has meant that we have become the go to agency for the top Partner companies and End users in the Workday® market. This allows us to offer our candidates the most exciting career opportunities on the market, whether hiring for long- or short-term contract roles.

We have access to a large amount of un advertised contracts and due to the nature of the contract market they are often filled before they reach the job boards. Our deep understanding and knowledge of the Workday® market allows us to build and develop specific career paths for our candidates that are wishing to develop their Workday® skills or even break into the Workday® market.

For Our Clients

It is often the case that contract hiring is an urgent requirement. Because of this, we are always switched on. You can reach us 24/7 in any region across the globe. We have some of the finest contractors available at the drop of the hat. Our specialist teams are always on hand to provide you with the best talent at a moment’s notice.

Because of the way we specialise and dedicate our whole business practice to the development of the workday® ecosystem, we have become known for a particularly high grade of candidate and our clients will have access to these Workday® individuals. Not only do we have a highly developed database, but we have an entire business built on the Workday® ecosystem. It has become our best interest to ensure the healthy progression of these Workday® professionals.

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