When embarking on an exclusive partnership with Focus Cloud, you will work solely with Focus Cloud all your permanent and contract vacancies. In return you will enable Focus Cloud to gain a substantially deeper understanding of your organisation and what makes you the next step for someone looking to continue their Workday® career. We will feedback to you all relevant workday® market information, such as salaries and rates, talent demand, and the ecosystem conditions whilst shortlisting all available candidates that meet your needs.

By only selecting to work with Focus Cloud you will be getting a streamlined approach set up in a way to best suit you and your team. This may be through one point of contact or by working with regional specialists in each area.

Working with us exclusively is means you can forget about the usual bombardment of CV’s from multiple agencies and focus on those candidates we have ensured are worthy of an interview.

The Workday® Market is incredibly niche and with our superior market knowledge and incredible network we can provide you with the right resource first time. This will save you time and money, and in this talent hungry market, time is of the essence. We know this, so that is why whichever consultant that picks up your vacancies will conduct fresh, original searches, targeting the criteria you have outlined, whilst also digging into the several thousand strong database we have in our custom-built CRM specifically designed to help us access our Workday® network as quickly as possible.

Focus Cloud guarantee to fill your vacancy and will not stop until it is filled Permanent or Contract.

Our consultants will look after the candidates throughout the whole process allowing you and your teams to focus on other matters, streamlining your work load taking the pressure off your shoulders whilst maintaining full transparency of the process between all parties.

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