Mike Mortlock

Vice President of Sales - North America

Mike joined Focus on WD in 2018, and brings with him an extensive repertoire of Recruitment experience and successful placements. Mike is a leading player in the North American Workday Recruitment ecosystem, having developed relationships with candidates and clients that have stood the test of time. He leads the Recruitment team for North America. As he constantly grows his network, his professional, honest and thorough approach to the recruitment process never ceases to impress his customers. Mike is all about getting the results that are right for his candidates and clients, but never underestimates the importance of the journey. In his own words:

“At Focus on WD, we work closely with you, assess your requirements & goals (clients and candidates), and use our global network to source the right solution, matched to your most important needs. Our consultants use their industry knowledge to find the right candidates, assess them thoroughly, before presenting our findings. We are never afraid to roll up our sleeves to get the job done, we’re stubborn, proactive and determined.”

Get in touch with Mike if you are considering the resource requirements for your Workday project, or for expert Workday career coaching.

Interesting Fact: Mike is a Bear Grylls enthusiast – he holds the Bear Gryll’s Wild Camp training certificate and plans on becoming a Survival Instructor. Mike once climbed an 11 story building free-style, has reached the summit of 7 mountains and an ambition of his is to reach the top of Everest!